Ian McLeish | VP Sales and Marketing

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Published on
12 February 2018

Tristone Flowtech are experts in designing, engineering and manufacturing flow technology systems for Engine and Battery Cooling, Air Charge and Air Intake. They supply all major car manufacturers and offer innovations and products for complete flow technology solutions.

“Tristone has a long relationship with Quantum which is testimony to the many successful recruitment assignments that have been completed during this time. Quantum is not only seen as a Search and Selection company but more as a partner supporting our international growth. In building this partnership, Quantum have taken the time to understand our business environment, company culture and the strategy that we are following in terms of market penetration, technology and globalisation. This means that we are rarely confronted with a potential candidate that would not “fit” into the Quantum community and enables us to focus more on the candidates experience, skills, motivation and aspirations.

One recruitment assignment that stands-out as being exceptionally successful long term was a recruitment that we made in 2009 for a UK based PM/KAM where the focus was on the growth and development of our UK customers. The end result has been the recruitment of an individual who has successfully been able to develop our UK customer support office, acquired interesting new business and has now been promoted internally and relocated to our Product Development Centre in Nantes (FR) as engineering manager. This is a good example of how Quantum have not only been able to fulfil our immediate needs but also have been able to identify an individual who had the potential to grow within our organisation and take on greater responsibility.

Often our recruitment needs are urgent and this combined with the ever increasing notice periods of experienced candidates means that the process of initial search and interviews needs to be slick. What we like at Tristone is Quantum’s willingness to coordinate with our own complex schedules and overcome any obstacles that would have normally meant missing out on meeting an interesting potential candidate. This is only possible through the “one-face” of Quantum meaning that Quantum provides continuity by providing one speaking partner through the entire process.”