Claude Payen | General Manager

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Published on
12 October 2020

I started the collaboration with Quantum in 2011 as I was applying for a General Manager position in Colart (France), which I got.

I think I have done the job as my bosses kept me in that position for 7 years before I get my pension we have gone through many storms,  my bosses recognised the great contribution of the factory to the group targets and achievements they were fully confident, the collaboration we had proved to be successful

I worked with Adele and Pauline and kept very nice relationships with them especially when I needed to recruit (6 employees).

I even recruited my successor thanks to them the candidates they suggested revealed to be the good choice and their advices relevant the follow up of the candidates were helpful as well some of them are now sharing the GMT (Group Management Team) at the highest level of the group showing the efficiency of the candidates recruited.

I can just recommend Quantum and thank them for helping me building a strong team still delivering results at the highest levels of the group.