Psychometric Assessments

Quantum has invested in licensed and accredited Thomas International practitioners, who have the authority to administer a range of talent assessments that explore multiple aspects of behaviour, aptitude and personality in the workplace. These assessments will provide you with a valuable, comprehensive and accessible overview of your future talent. In turn this will enable you to make informed and objective talent decisions.

Personal Profile Analysis

Quantum can explore multiple aspects of workplace behaviour, aptitude and personality of your shortlisted candidates.

Based around the DISC assessment theory, Quantum will provide valuable insight into the individuals’ behavioural workplace traits – (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) – supporting you in identifying the key characteristics you need in specific roles, matching the right talent to it.

This will provide you with a valuable, and comprehensive overview of your future talent options, enabling you to make informed and objective recruitment decisions, minimising risk, providing confidence to recruit and retain the best talent for your business.

General Intelligence Assessment

Quantum can provide understanding and measure an individuals’ aptitude and learning enabling you to:

  • Understand how quickly someone learns new information
  • Help to inform your recruitment decisions
  • Help build personalised onboarding programmes
  • Understand how to develop through training
  • Ensure a person is sufficiently challenged
  • Identify potential leaders who have the skills to drive change
  • Measure mental capacity

This Assessment measures and assesses cognitive ability (fluid intelligence), providing an accurate prediction of how long it will take an individual to bring value in a new role/regime.  In addition to identifying leaders of the future and through gauging their current capabilities, this assessment will provide the framework to keep them engaged with appropriate challenges suited to their strengths.

Reliability and Validity

These assessments have been subject to rigorous scientific testing to determine its reliability and validity as psychological assessments. All testing registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) after it was audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing, part of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.