Before we take action on your behalf, creating tailor-made solutions to your needs, Quantum’s consultants immerse themselves in your organisation, forging a deep understanding of what you do – and what you want to do.

Whether we’re consulting on executive recruitment or leadership development all of Quantum’s work involves people. The kind of people you need to drive forward your organisation: creators and innovators, leaders and strategists.

Our consultants pride themselves on their ability to get under the skin of client organisations, ensuring they truly interpret the right development path for that individual organisation and operate as a genuine partner.

Dealing with people at this highest level means listening and understanding are crucial to Quantum’s ethos. We take pride in getting to the heart of your organisation and understanding what – and who – you need in order to achieve the greatest success. Maybe even challenging you to rethink your initial brief.

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We have built long standing relationships with major global clients based on deep mutual trust and our commitment to achieve measurable results for them. Because we work across the kinds of sectors which demand detailed insight and industry knowledge, including transport and technology, our consultants endeavour to become immersed in our clients’ organisations, living and breathing their work, before we create a tailor-made answer to their needs.

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How We Work

To show you how we act on your behalf to have the most profound and positive impact on your organisation, we break our processes down into the five clear stages. To achieve measurably great results for you, our consultants listen to your needs, question your brief, digest your company’s requirements and culture, suggest creative and innovative solutions and remain constantly on standby to take swift and effective action on your behalf.

Working with talent at the highest level requires insight, caution, care, negotiation and sensitivity. A huge number of steps are involved in every project Quantum undertakes for you. We manage to impress our global clients by exceeding their expectations time and time again with our efficiency and professional approach.


To get to the heart of your organisation and understand who or what you need, our consultants endeavour to become immersed in your business, living and breathing your work.


Thanks to our strong relationship with you, and our deep understanding of your business, we are unafraid to interrogate or even challenge your brief, encouraging you to think differently in order to achieve more.


We consider your brief and your business drivers from our unique standpoint: immersed in your business and yet with a sense of perspective that allows us to be creative and clever in the solutions we bring you.


We put forward innovative solutions that will be effective, sustainable and measurable helping you attract, retain, develop and nurture the kind of innovators and leaders you need to drive your business forward.


We are always on standby to listen and support your needs, with our team ready and willing to adapt to any situation. We deliver on our commitments to you.

Here's what our clients have to say...

It’s all very well us telling you what we think matters. Here’s what our clients have to say about what it is like to work with Quantum.